My Vision

970 Creative was a lightbulb moment for me, Courtney, the founder and chief creative. I was listening to the radio and heard about a web design company that did not want to cater to certain clientele, and were prepared to go to court to avoid serving a subset of our society. As a humanitarian and peace-loving person, I decided that it was time to set up a website offering my design services to everybody. That is the origin of 970 Creative. 970 is the area code in Loveland, Colorado.

My Story

My background is in design and illustration. For many years I worked in-house at a commercial print shop, where I learned many of the skills that help me today in my own creative business. I built ecommerce websites for companies to order their marketing materials, and as I grew my web design skills, I was able to expand what I offer. In 2011 I relocated from Texas to Colorado and have made my home in Loveland, in the northern foothills of the Colorado Rocky Mountains.

Courtney Beth Keller

Founder & Chief Creative

Courtney is a graduate of the Kansas City Art Institute and in the years since has developed a wide range of skills, from web design to illustration to graphic design. She loves living in Colorado and enjoys time with her son and their deaf puppy Nelly.

Let's work together!

I'd love to hear from you — what do you need help with? Maybe your website needs to be updated, or maybe you need a new one built. Maybe your business is growing and you need someone to handle the design and scheduling of your emails. Maybe you have a wedding coming up, and would like a landing page for people to RSVP and find your gift registry. Whatever your needs, I'm here to help!