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Estimated cost & time


8-10 Weeks


Rebrand & Logo Redesign

What comes with the package?

  • A consultation and review of your goals and optimal customer

  • Primary Logo Design

  • Custom Color Palette

  • 2-3 fonts custom selected for your brand

  • Alternate Logo and Submark/Watermark


  • 2-3 Patterns/Textures (optional)

  • Business Card Design

  • Detailed Brand Guidelines PDF

What is the cost?

The cost starts at $2000 and varies depending on your needs. Pleae request a quote to get a final price.

Do I pay up front?

You have the option to pay in full, or pay half up front and 25% upon the first round of proof delivery, with the final 25% due with final delivery.

How long does it take?

4-6 weeks

My calendar fills up fast, so reach out to book your branding and logo design now!

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